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American Color

In "American Color", Constantine Manos has created a set of fascinating images that engage both the eye and mind in repeated viewings and contemplation. Photographing mostly in exotic locales and at public events within the United States, such as Venice Beach and Atlantic City, Bike Week at Daytona Beach and Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Manos presents a kaleidoscopic view of American culture.


Niagara Falls has long been a destination for newlyweds and lovers. Alec Soth traveled there to explore just why it is that Niagara is associated with sexuality, passion and new love.


A singular symbol of the nature of jazz could be Louis Armstrong as he appears in the images by Dennis Stock. The legendary trumpeter and vocalist embodies the rootless, lonely and frantic life that many of his great colleagues experienced. This essay gives an exclusive look into his life accompanied by Dennis Stock's personal tale of working with the musician. A desire to understand the nature of jazz can be fulfilled by regarding Louis Armstrong as he appears in the images by Dennis Stock...

Red on AIDS Day

Friday December 1st. is World AIDS Day. We have chosen to recognize the event with an essay inspired by the color red.


Satellites is a surreal and fantastic journey by 28-year-old award-winning photographer Jonas Bendiksen through the scattered enclaves, unrecognized mini-states, and isolated communities in the southern borderlands of the former USSR.

Augusto Pinochet 1915-2006

Brutality defined Pinochet's rise to power. Only snapshots remain of disappeared opponents. Dissidents who fled joined human rights organizations worldwide but never saw him convicted despite his 1998 arrest.

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