INVASION 68 PRAGUE: Photographs by Josef Koudelka

In 1968 Josef Koudelka was thirty years old. He had committed himself to photography as a full-time career only recently, and had been chronicling the theater, and the lives of gypsies, but he had never photographed a news event. That all changed on the night of August 21, when Warsaw Pact tanks invaded the city of Prague, ending the short-lived political freedom in Czechoslovakia that came to be known as the Prague Spring. In the midst of the turmoil of the Soviet-led invasion, Koudelka took to the streets to document this critical moment.


“On one hand there is something very flawed about Guantanamo. On the other hand the camp has helped to generate a degree of intelligence. It is difficult to put these two things together,” says Pellegrin.

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Invasion - Prague 1968

Josef Koudelka


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