September 11

Many have seen the images of the collision, the burning towers, the fall and the rubble. Eight Magnum Photographers give their eyewitness accounts of the attack and their perspectives on the consequences, five years later.

Personal Best

Elliott loves dogs, beaches, nudists and religion as "interesting photographic topics". He says: "I have to do books, I've been around so long, most editors think I'm dead."

Divided Germany

Two years after Berlin had been divided by a wall into an eastern and a western part, Kristall magazine sent Hoepker to document how the citizens of West Berlin, especially the children, had adjusted to living in the shadow of the wall. In an effort to improve relations between East and West Germany, Willy Brandt later arranged an exchange of journalists. Hoepker's wife was among those allowed into East Germany and he was able to go with her. Touring the region for the first time since it had come under the control of a dictatorial regime, Hoepker was stunned by what he saw.

Minutes To Midnight

Following a journey of 90,000 kilometers, Trent Parke explored the Australian hinterland in an attempt to find his place within an Australia vastly different from the one in which he grew up.

The Longest Week

7/7 The Longest Week is a dizzying trip through the thicket of emotional headlines that appeared in the British press in the wake of the July 2005 terrorist attacks in London. Presenting headlines that seem to one-up each other in drama and intensity, 7/7 is a case study in media language and motive that also examines the psychological effects of news sensationalism.


Larry Towell first encountered the Mennonites near his home in Ontario, Canada, and his friendship with them has gained him unique access to their communities. Originating in Europe in the sixteenth century, the Mennonites are a Protestant religious sect, related to the Amish. Rather than compromise their way of life, they have continually been forced to migrate around the world to maintain their freedom to live as they choose.

Fashion Magazine

Like a bull in a china shop, Bruce Gilden lets loose with Fashion Magazine, a high-concept, tongue-in-cheek take on the glossy conventions of the fashion world. In the seven-part magazine, Gilden recasts the world of beauty and glamour through his up-close and aggressive street photography style.

No Man's Land

The US-Mexico border is neither one country nor the other. Alex Webb has spent more than twenty-five years photographing the region.


The US-Mexico border is neither one country nor the other. Alex Webb has spent more than twenty-five years photographing the region.

Khmer Boxing

In Khmer it is called "Brodal Serei". In Thailand it is "Muay Thai". Both Thailand and Cambodia claim the origin of this type of kickboxing. It seems to have been invented in the peninsula at the beginning of the 9th century.
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