The Korean War

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The Korean War

Werner Bischof

Werner Bischof's photographs document the harrowing effects of the Korean War on the civilian population, particularly its children.

the only thing that saved america from great deppression was war,hope this wont happen again
Everything passes, pictures are not reality, the feelings and associations they produce, are. om mani padme hum
it is so sad... we must remember these pains, tears and hopes.
Thank you for your sharing.. it's really sad as a Korean... we still wish our reunion.. but it's pretty far away from the unification for now..
It was not beautiful. terrible !
It was an eye opener to see what are the effects of war to common people.
The warfare happens and does not become.
Thank you. It was beautiful, and helped me learn and appreciate the impacts of this war. Anthony from Sydney
touching stories, We wo'n't want to live thru that now. Those people are so brave and tough.
i feel Sad.. deeply... but beautiful, and it is great work ! thank a lot.
I hope that woman wiill be able to see her hasband before she die. That old man could also come back to his hometown soon. War is a tragedy for homebeing. Lily from China
thank a lot, to MAGNUM. we don't forget that the time. and tragic the War stil continue at this time.


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