2nd Tour Hope I Don't Die

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2nd Tour Hope I Don't Die

Peter van Agtmael

This is how I saw America's wars from January of 2006 until December of 2008. I tried to make pictures that reflected my complex and often contradictory experiences, where the line was continuously blurred between perpetrator and victim, between hero and villain.  In time, the labels that had heretofore defined my perceptions of the world became meaningless.

the fog of war. world class journalism. painful. frustrating. honest.
really shocking. even better than a documentary.
that was great!. really good at showing the duality of war
What a raw and powerful essay. This one was deeply moving.
What haunting images and words. Thie video essay gives us a sense of the nightmare people are living through. The photos are raw, expressive, poignant, disturbing.


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