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Jonas Bendiksen

Between 1998 and 2005 I traveled through the fringes of the former Soviet empire, exploring the oblique stories of half-forgotten enclaves and restless territories. Many of these places are quaintly obscure, but as I came to discover, they offer stark proof that the breakup of the Soviet Union is still a work in progress.

Hi Jonas! Bravo!!! I was born in Transdniestr USSR in 1972. After the war in 1992 we departed (in 1994) to Israel to kibuz Hazerim ... Haifa. Last 3 years I am living in Norway. My parents are living in Transdniestr. I wish you good luck! Kind regards Gala Ikim Skog Norway Kolbotn
Hi Jonas! You did a fantastisk job!!! Bravo!!! Best regards Gala Ikim Skog Norway Kolbotn
Great images. Maybe a lightning strike killed the cows - I've heard of this killing elephants etc before...
simply stunning!
absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! neva seen sumthin'so nice and good 4 a long time fantastic
brilliant video, I want the book. Amazing photos of something that we dont ever see or head about and for some generations, like mine, i didnt know the countries exist and what state they were in. a deffinate eye opener for a younger generation. brilliant photos in many aspects
I think the photos are very well taken, and the video constructed in a way that is really moving.. Everyone should know about the states of the former Soviet Union.
Mr Bendiksen I could not imagine of a better portfolio for someone who was starting a "career" in documentary photography.
Fantastic. Bravo!
Interesting subject and innovative angle and the pictures give us sensations and informations
...what can I say..., I suppose that the world in general don't know nothing about Russia... Dostoievsky wrote that nobody out of Russia will understand never the proud and deeply russian character...I guess that some day we will start to understand a little bit more, and well, with these photographs, this understanding could happen. tomeu
It must be a quite exotic and hard way of earning a living... waiting to scavenge on the rests of fallen stars! I really like Jonas' work. Keep it going. Best, Alysson.


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