The Stormy Years

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The Stormy Years

Micha Bar-Am

My personal and professional life became tangent and interwined with my country's complex, painful and exciting history.  From a romantic young dreamer I turned into a critical chronicler of my scarred land

This essay is full of emotions, compassion, and full of passionate. Its like a question of asking why something have to be happened, and its also a states of humanity. Indeed, never fall into reality.
Micha It's beautiful !
Very impressive and moving. I liked the combination of photos and music. I admire Micha's work. Zippi
I have been watching Magnum in Motion since the very first essay, and what I have to say now is that this was the best essay I've seen. Technically, it is quite simple, but that's not what matters most. The comments, the soundtrack and that last sentence "please, read them carefully", spoken with that strong and rumble sounding accent that Micha has... this essay really made me think and, most of all, feel. Congratulations to all of you.


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