The Rat Story

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The Rat Story

Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden’s special brand of tough Brooklyn-bred bravado pierces through in one breath in this “leftover” story about one particular rat. He burst into this hilarious monologue, lasting two minutes and eight seconds.

please make the embed feature suitable for blogs like blogger!!! outstanding..
Gilden has always been one of my favourites...his personal outlook on city little situations and sensations is always ironic and dramatic at the same time..a good everyday story for each shot, in the streets of everyday...
Bruce this work inspire me since i discover you, was in an ugly book store in spain. The Facing NY book is my bible. Continue with photography, take care Federico - Uruguay
so so good amazing work
your photo is peculiar and frame a point of view great! good look!
woha, there i go ranting on Magnum but then this comes up like a big punch in the face. was just reading something about Pessoa's heteronym "Alberto Caeiro". here it goes, to Bruce: "He sees things with the eyes only, not with the mind. He does not let any thoughts arise when he looks at a flower... the only thing a stone tells him is that it has nothing at all to tell him... this way of looking at a stone may be described as the totally unpoetic way of looking at it. The stupendous fact about Caeiro is that out of this sentiment, or rather, absence of sentiment, he makes poetry." (Pessoa talking about Caeiro)
Bruce' You are a Magnum photographer. Nobody does work like this, not even close. The nubies got nothin on you. Keep it up man. This is what Magnum is supost to be about. Best Eric Labastida


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