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Christopher Anderson

"I sometimes imagine Caracas as a living breathing animal. Obscured by the darkness it appears both violent and sensual, but perhaps it's true nature will only be revealed at the moment it devours me." - Christopher Anderson

Great work by Christopher Anderson. However, on a technical note, Magnum in Motion really needs to encode the Flash videos at a higher bitrate. The pixelation is bad and really takes away from Anderson's photographs.
Is awesome outrageous keep on rocking free Egypt
What an awesome job, great pics as a Venezuelan I never realized this aritistic side of the cruel reality that we daily live with on it Congratulation from the bottom of my heart Randall Roz Leon
This pictures are just fantastic. The black and white pictures just make it more intense. Btw just love the underwear of the woman in the first picture.
I just loved that. Never been in Caracas, even though I was planning to tecently. Thanks for this work, result is wonderfool.
Christopher Anderson knows what he is here to do, a true master photographer and brave too.
Amezing touching pics! but totally wrong focus of the reality in Venezuela! It is a shame that a foreing person come and juged what he just barely sees in the capital Caracas. Did you talk with the poor people in the barrios? I can take you to "El 23 de Enero" and "Gramoven" so you can taste a just a liltle if you are able to grasp the reality. Or I can take to the country side so you can talk to "Los fundos Zamoranos" and see the happiness of the poor to have a president who run the country for the majority and no for the minority. I am a student of the "Universidad Bolivariana the Venezuela" born in this reavolution and when ever you want you can contact me and I show you a little of a big reality so you can have a more closely and a real understanding of what it is going on in my country and in south america.
Amazing job, I´m from Venezuela and the images really touched me... It´s a pity that such a beautiful, rich land like ours is falling apart. I hope one day Chavez and all the people who colaborated in the destruction of our country will pay for their actions.
I just saw Cristopher's work and have to admit I is the best work I've seen so far, it really reflects what's going on in Venezuela!!... Thanks for this work... and hopefully people will apretiate it as much as I do, and the world will realize what Chavez "revolution" is really about.


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