Magnum In Motion online essays add new dimensions to to the traditional photographic narrative, using a combination of photos, audio, video, graphics, and interactivity.
Bruno Barbey

"I came back to Paris in spring 1968, where big riots were taking place. For weeks my clothes were saturated with the persistent smell of tear gas. It was the rebellion of a whole generation against what the society prepared."—Barbey


Air, water, earth, fire are the four elements used in pagan rituals, be they by the shamans of Siberia, the Voodoo in Haiti, the Dogon of Mali, the Shinto in Japan, or the Bari of the Amazon.

Harry Gruyaert

At the heart of Harry Gruyart’s work is the structuring nature of colour, organised by the tension of the horizon line. With photos taken all around the world, Gruyaert opposes the hustle of the city with a pared-down, yet intense, nature.

Philip Jones Griffiths

"I decided to be the one to show what was really going on in Vietnam. Here was something of profound importance. My goal was to present every aspect of the war in a digestible way between two covers of a book."

Christopher Anderson

“It’s not actually the dead, the physical destruction, that takes the toll: It’s this sense of this endless cycle. It’s hard to go and watch the similar sort of circumstances play themselves out over and over again.”

Thomas Dworzak
“I’m embedded with the Americans in Iraq. As a Westerner, there is no more access to the insurgent’s side. I don’t claim to have any overview. History made my choice—it’s fine!”
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