Magnum In Motion online essays add new dimensions to to the traditional photographic narrative, using a combination of photos, audio, video, graphics, and interactivity.

On October 30, 1974 in Kinshasa, Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Muhammad Ali, faced George Foreman for the title of world heavyweight champion. Abbas’ photos of the fight are a document of a fight frozen in time, in black-and-white stills—the fight that cemented Muhammad Ali’s reputation as “The Greatest.”

Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden first traveled to Haiti in 1984 and made 19 trips over the course of 10 years. In 2011, he photographed the temporary structures in Port-au-Prince in digital and in color for the first time.

Chien-Chi Chang

Tanzania has faced double HIV/AIDS epidemics: an old generalised epidemic, (more than 6% prevalence in the general population) and more recently, a new concentrated one among injecting drug users (IDUs). Dar Es Salam is one of the areas most affected by this last epidemic.

Paul Fusco

Paul Fusco witnessed the funeral of Pfc. Conrado D. Javier, 19 from Marina, Ca. He was killed in Kandahar province in Afghanistan.

Moises Saman

Moises Saman's report of Libya's last days under Gaddafi.

Steve McCurry


Because heroin and other drugs are cheap and casual use is common, HIV infection through drug use affects a larger part of the population in Vietnam than in many other countries.


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