World Cup 2010

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World Cup 2010

Magnum Photographers

On the occasion of the World Cup coming to Africa for the first time, Magnum photographers take a look at soccer as a global game.

this is so beautiful!!! amazing atmosphere throughout the whole piece, i felt actually excited and i dont even like soccer haha
Stunning selection of images excellently edited in one incredible slideshow. Perfect example of how things should be done.
That photo with the backing that says "Let Justice Be Done to All Men" is amazing.
Superb presentation, Thank you.
Great! Very inspirational.
Congratulations! I love it!
Beautiful. An inspired piece.
great photos
I agree with all prior comments. Very well done. F
Beautiful pictorial. Great work!
Exquisite composition of pictures, music and rhythm. Captures the atmosphere of everything the game of soccer represents around the globe.
Very Beautiful.


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