In Whose Name?

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In Whose Name?


A journey through the Muslim world after 9/11.

A great work, a story that will go on over other decades, and centuries. Religion is not to blame, like philosophy, the problem is how we judge it and use it.
سلام . هميشه و با اشتياق كارهاي شما و ديگر عكاسان بزرگ دنيا را ميبينم .از ايران و كردستاني هستم بيست سال عكاسي دغدغه اصلي من شده و خواهد بود .نظر شما و راهنمايي شما برايم مهم است اگر فرصت داشتيد www.fardapixel.mihanblog.comباميد بهروزي براي شما و تمام عكاسان خوب
Really interesting read. Really..
I guess you needed to look into other non main stream to find your answer!
Great story! However, I noticed one country was missing. Pakistan.
in Whose Name: a great title! yes in whose name such war and fight throughout the world? Great essay with fantastic pictures of war catastrophe and pieces of life that are still going on! There is still hope in your story.
Truly amazing!
i suggest lutz jakel looks at the book - a mim is NOT the work, but a teaser... he might find more elements to answer this question in the sequence of the photos as well as in the text
Great pictures! But what's the message behind them Abbas? You ask how Islam, the religion feeds islamism, the political ideology. Indeed a very good and interesting question. But by showing only an incoherent number of great pictures you don't give an answer. I expected more from one of the greatest photographers of the world.
First of all ; i would like to say that it is a kind of good feeling to find an iranian photographer in the best photo agency with all that rich history! In whose name? is a really good piece of work, i like the essay a lot, good music, good editting. Thank you Abbas
In Whose Name? A superb story. A essay that not only involves, but for a moment carries directly on the sites..
Abbas' In Whose Name? is an excellent work in photojournalism. The founders of Magnum could not do it any better. Abass delivers and tells the story as is. It is pure journalism at its best. The Muslim world is a force that has not to be taken lightly. Keep up the good work Abbas.
no title is appropriate......... in whose name?
آقا خسته نباشی کاراتو خیلی دوست دارم
A challenging tour de force. Like all great art and even rhetoric, posing more questions than it answers. Congratulations.


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