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Philip Jones Griffiths

"I decided to be the one to show what was really going on in Vietnam. Here was something of profound importance. My goal was to present every aspect of the war in a digestible way between two covers of a book."

I hope not establish any war
Philip Jones Griffiths was the best at "yellow journalism".I wish he was still alive and I would take him to task for that photo.And the acompanying photo with the guy with his hand on his sidearm.He must have been a boy scout at one time---"Be Prepared".Those that wern't sometimes came home in different style.
I saw the picture at Duc Pho of the Catholic church building that was shoot up.I know the exact location from where the pic was taken and it's my conclusion that this was a "concocted"print.Notice all the kids clustered in front of the camera in seemingly panic.That's a wide open space.He sure knew how to get a "group shoot".That's so wide open there.And you could hit Duc Pho with a rock from there,why would they stay out of the "vil" at night in a free fire zone.There was a laundry right behind the photographer where we used to hire the villagers to do our laundry.The Catholic priest there was the fattest Vietnamese we had ever seen and fat wasn't iin style then over there.He was always highly suspect to us and I won't go into that. What happened to the church building?When I left there a couple months before that it was standing in pretty good shape.Just before I came home,I watched 3 Americans(last day in country)drive thru for one last look at Duc Pho.Bad idea.Everyone scrambled before they got to the church and laundry,they should have known something was up,but drove over a buried 8"projo with a preasure charge on it that blew the jeep clear over into the church yard killing them.Blew the fender about 75 yards onto the airstrip. My theory,and it's only a theory as I wasn't there afterwards but every one finally got tired of his antics and decided to put an end to his arrogance.If that kid tossed a grenade into my jeep after all that I would help him meet his maker too.I don't subscribe to the "all is fair in love and war" thing but I only lost one close friend there.Some people don't reconcile as easy as me. There's a good chance the vc did that to the church anyhow as Duc Pho was a case of mortar attacks almost every night and the church was close to the perimeter.I know for being as close as it was,people looked out for it before.Why'd they change? Read up on what the vc and nva did there before we came in 66 then pass judgement.


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