Chechnya / Iraq

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Chechnya / Iraq

Thomas Dworzak
“I’m embedded with the Americans in Iraq. As a Westerner, there is no more access to the insurgent’s side. I don’t claim to have any overview. History made my choice—it’s fine!”
det jeg var ute etter, takk
Ja, formentlig sa det er
En god billed serie, men daarlig journalistik. Hold MASH kommentarene ude og lade billederne staa/snakke for sig selv. Photojournalism er et professionelt fag der skal ikke blandes med personlig kunst og subjektive tolkninger. Seerne er kloge nok til at skabe deres egne indtryke fra gode billeder.
Min kommentar til Lars Jones er, at selvfølgelig kan man blande fiktion og virklighed sammen - Det er jo alligevel det vi gør som læser af enhver avis. Vi forestiller os de virkelige begivenheder, men vores forestilling er kun en forsimplet og ufuldstændig tankekonstruktion. Et foto vil altid være et ufuldstændigt udsnit af virkeligheden. Ved at berige fotoet med en fiktiv fortælling og et spændende lyddesign, så kommer vi måske netop tættere på virkeligheden, fordi at kunsten fremkalder en følelse som måske minder om følelsen ved at være der. Er det ikke det god krigsjournalistik går ud på? Jeg synes denne produktion gør os opmærksom på at vi netop kun læser og krigen som om den var fiktion. Hvis billederne havde stået alene uden fortællingen og lyden havde de ikke virket nær så stærkt, fordi vi blot havde slået vores filter til, hvor den uhyggelige verden og krig kun eksisterer indtil vi skifter over på en ny kanal, lukker avisen eller slukker computeren. Sådan er virkeligheden ikke.
I personally think that this is one of the best ways to show the duality of the war in Iraq, even though I must admit that the "art" of the photos were not as good as the "idea", however War is not Art. I would like to see more of this kind of photojournalism, but what about having the photpgrapher to comment on his own photos?
Im a young photojournalist trying to make my way through a this tough job in El Salvador. Central America. A country where a 12 year civil war made more than 75 000 deaths. I was a kid in that time but photos from peaple that I managed to meet through the years made me cry in rage just to think that such dark events had happened in my country. I now think thah Kesterens job as many other strong hearted photographers are making in iraq are helping to tell the world of the insane cruelty that a war impulsed by government of the "most advanced democracy of the world" the United States of America are making many poor countrys suffer. May god be with the land of the slaves of suffering: Iraq. May god help protect them from the land of the free invasors.
I live in Serbia. I'm 25 years old. Country I lived changed name four times during last 16 years. Pearl necklace with six beautiful pearls was ripped apart by civil war that took 300.000 lifes... And now we ask why, now we suffer, now we hate eachother... I wish Iraq and every other country in the world could avoid that painfull fate.
Day by day, I go to school study, i go ride my skateboard, i go and can read, write and have lunch, I can talk with my friends and have a long drink night and get back to home. Iraq people can’t make anything! That’s the true story. I keep question myself why do I want to be a future war photography? Maybe because I see in these photos the expression of real life, we love death violence and pleasure. I notice that when a car accident happens we all look to see what happen! "Is that blood?! Is that a piece of brain or an eye?" War status Iraq make me just think that war photographers have some peace in mind, they "close the eyes" for reality and work for humanity.
this is a terrible terrible thing that is going on in iraq it shows that the times that we are in are evil that some great divine intervention is going to take place soon and man is not going to have to do one day put down the artillery set aside the hate and the mindwarp the troops our under and surrender to somone greater than any man on this saddens me to see these things on tv and to hear the terrior in these peoples voice ,when is our president gonna end this?why are we still back there wasting tax payers money on killing? why do innocent people have to die? its not fair its not fair at all! these things have been going on for years wars! rumors of wars, but this war here thats been going on for too long ,this is somthing different ,this is the beginning of all the things we have been told throughout time.this war here is a biblical situation that is eventually going to be solved.PLEASE GOD !PLEASE END ALL THIS HURT AND PAIN AND TERRIOR FOR THESE PEOPLE. AMEN


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