Middle East

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Middle East

Christopher Anderson

“It’s not actually the dead, the physical destruction, that takes the toll: It’s this sense of this endless cycle. It’s hard to go and watch the similar sort of circumstances play themselves out over and over again.”

Unification of the people is important in this case.
I don't think so.
It seems to me that there is a huge crisis and we have to solve this.
the main problem in the middle east is illiteracy "people are culturally illiterate" people "in general " will forever go to war as long as they elect ONE GOOD MAN to take their decisions for them.
Wow, Christopher ... speechless
Stop the war in middle east now. USA and Israel what you did in last 20 years created more violence and terror. USA wants a terror in the world so they can make more money from gun sales and taking more oil from middle east. This is so sad and ı know its not going to stop because damage done in this area is to big. Millions and millions died and continue to die today. We are very lucky we sleep in our warm beds and watching wars in our living rooms but think again . Sad very sad.


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