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Gilles Peress

September was already a dark month for New Yorkers. Then the bull market died. Gilles Peress attended the memorials at the World Trade Center and at Wall Street.


i love it.
The pace is way too fast. I think there was only one long pause on an image and some of the images really demand a deeper look. Also, I feel that the video was about 3 minutes too long and there needed to be some serious editing of the images. This is kind of nit-picking but the font wasn't serious enough for the serious parts or funny/quirky enough for the funny/quirky parts. Most of all, there wasn't a sense of narrative. I don't feel like there was a transition from 9/11 to Wall street. disappointed....
BUT ,i really like the WAKES! thanks a lot Gilles i has a question : why we are in this world if we have to follow the things which have been found before? however i admire it ... thanks again.
I totally agree with Luka. I love this website for the great photos and the talented photographers. I personally rahter photo-essays than a mix of video and photos.
After reading some of the comments posted, I find that some people simply do not get the point of the essay. The connection between 9/11 and the events unfolding today with the economy are present and clear. On 9/11, the intent was not only to terrorize the American nation but to force the collapse of our economic system, it may have taken seven years for the affects to take place, but we could ask ourselves, did Bin Laden succeed?
Its too fast moving. For me a still image is about capturing a moment in time and the viewer can take their time experiencing it. I don't mind multimedia but in this case it's too fast and becomes a documentary film as opposed a series of still images enhanced by sound and motion.
Wall Street bankers just aren't that interesting visually. This is no an inherently visual subject. (And there appears to have been no editing of the images.) The visual medium does not capture any of what is going on. Moreover, what is the connection you are making to 9/11? The site calls this an "essay" but there is no journalism or intellectual insight connecting the two events. This essay is way beneath the standards I expect of Magnum.
fantastic and moving.


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