Viet Nam at Peace

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Viet Nam at Peace

Philip Jones Griffiths

Griffiths comments on a selection of images from his book Viet Nam at Peace, a monumental chronicle of the conditions in post-war Viet Nam with over 500 black and white images.

How is it possible that we are entering yet again into a morass of inhumanity as the result of perceived falling dominoes? In Iraq, In Vietnam...who will pay the highest price again and again?...always the innocent, the children, the poor...Thank you PJG for your lifelong dedication to your work. It DOES make a difference.
These images are just as striking and powerful as those taken for Vietnam Inc. The images of the agent orange victims are especially touching and show that the war still casts a huge shadow over the country. How the US has not been bought to account for its use of chemicals like agent orange (and other defoliants) during the war, is beyond me.
Wow - the pictures are mesmorizing. As a refugee, Vietnamese American, I sadly feel that we "Viet kieu" have lost the real view about Viet Nam! We have "tourist vision" when we go back to visit the motherland: we only see the surfaces - crowded cities, streets, food, restaurants, pretty girls... but we do not see the deep suffering Viet Nam as reflected by these wonderful pictures. Your pictures certainly carry multiple thousand words about depressing Viet Nam. I wish your pictures are known more in Viet Nam as well as in Vietname communities aboard. I think we (Vietnamese) need to see reality to really know ourself.


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