Terre Rouge

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Terre Rouge

John Vink
In Cambodia, where nearly everything is for sale, land is bought and sold with little regard for the people who live on it. The number of evictions has exploded, leaving thousands without means of subsistence.
I was there... I really felt being in front of these people and looking at the them with no power at all to change anything. The only thing to do is taking photographs to tell others the story. This is great piece where documentary photography meets today's multimedia opportunities. John had the good idea to do not add personnal comments. It should be accessible for a very large audience... large public doesn't know yet that they can see such kind of things on internet... Keep continue john, sincerely Gaël
john, quietly powerful images that shout how easily the poorest fall deeper until they are left with nothing. how easy it is for some to steal dignity by greed. how can people be left with only a garbage bag for shelter? with no right to take action? no chance to make a living? be given nothing? the images of those photographed for record are eerily familiar, another chapter in the human book of atrocities committed against one another, only less violent. this time. peace, julia
Well at least you were able to photograph this in Cambodia. Where I live, just to the north, in a land-locked country, you're liable to get put in jail and/or get deported - minus your cameras. Same thing going on all over the country. It's a neat plan: disposess the inhabitant of the countryside - mostly self sufficient small-holder farmers - by forcible relocations and what have you got? A lot of exploitable cheap labour for the new factories owed by Chinese or Vietnamese companies and a lot of empty land to be leased out to the highest bidder (usually the same companies plus Japanese and Korean) for plantations. Call it an historical replay if you like: the Scottish Enclosures Act of the 19th century, or perhaps the Wild West same era. Criminal capitalism combined with corrupt communism. They call it the New Asia.
I agree that the photos are best left without comments, but I did very much appreciate the opening presentation of what the local govt officials said over loadspeakers about "breaking down" their homes swiftly in order to ensure that their personal items would be transported. It helped me to frame viewing of the pictures. I, too, wish that more people could see this works. Each photo is incredibly powerful. I will certainly pass the link along to friends Thank you. Lindsey
Thanks to John for this continued revelation on how the strong and the rich continue to sweep away the weak with a broom handle. Not much has changed since the days of Sidney Schanberg. The new Asia, indeed! Those lone and isolated makeshift homes standing alone at the end of the series were especially poignant.
John, The photo with the naked child and the adult carrying pieces of wood is a masterpiece. A just a kid being a kid imitating what the adults are doing without a care in the world... brilliant. Michael


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