Soul Hunt

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Soul Hunt


Air, water, earth, fire are the four elements used in pagan rituals, be they by the shamans of Siberia, the Voodoo in Haiti, the Dogon of Mali, the Shinto in Japan, or the Bari of the Amazon.

A Kubrick mood... The music is very tense. The photographs are excelent. And the essay really dives you into the ritual's feeling.
Fantastic job ! I belive its not easy to stalking shamans.. Greetings from Poland
Nice photos but presentation and music feed into stereotypes.
very intense and dark. the soundtrack works really well to bring out the mood of the photos. hello from singapore!
Intense, it's ended but still work in the back of my mind.. Greetings from Italy
It's very surprise to find this wedsite.Here makes one feel amasing.My English is not good,invites the excuse me.
Wonderful! Spectacular job from the multimedia team as well. Andres Costa Rica


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