In Silence

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In Silence

Susan Meiselas

Each year half a million women around the world die in childbirth. Twenty percent of those deaths are in India. Most of the deaths are preventable with access to proper healthcare.

Winner of Webby's People's Voice Award for "Individual Documentary Episode".

Send out my prayer for them. Hope this situation could change.
The fact that very painful. What can we do? Let us begin with praying, so that they could be free from this misery soon
Just saw it and got sad... How could it be so hopeless? Someone has to take care of them !!! What about Indian goverment?
I think this essay is extremely moving. The way it is told makes you just as angry as the family of Kiran. Excellent essay.
poor indians:)
magnum :)
very emotional picture life is infinite
Very impressive film...Makes me feel very angry and sad. It's no acceptable for a wolrd with so much technology. What do we want so much advance for? if we are no capable of saving human lives!!!
Very Impressive.....
que irOnia... nOs quejamOs pOr un ISSTE, IMSS etc.. O pOr que en el hOspital angeles no van y hacen tu habitaciòn tempranO jajaja o que tal que las puertas o ventanas de tu habitaciòn no te gusta o las enfermeeras nO dan un buen servicio... que buenos somos para quejarnOs!! y que triste es que nO nOs debemOs cuenta de la realidad de OtrOs paises y más que no "pOdamOs" hacer nada pOr ellOs... por otro lado que agusto es trabajar en una oficina, con un escritOriO y demas...pero que tal si solo por un dia trabajaramos en el campo y nos fijaramos en lo que es la vida dificil... dejemos de quejarnOs y hagamos algo por nosotros mismos... que feo es ver una realidad que no esta presente en nuestras vidas y por eso no hacemos nada ;)
This is unacceptable!A very moving and important film.
This was incredible
This was such an emotional short film to watch. I was not aware of such deaths taking place and at this magnitude, in India. I trully enjoyed watching it.
A great, inspiring piece of work thats portrays a picture of the world that has yet to improve as the lives of many goes waste in today's time tragically when they could be saved
I have had a heart for the the down trodden Indian women for as long as I can remember. Susan Meiselas has captured the trauma and anguish of an unnecessary circumstance. Bleeding to death from childbirth should never happen in this day and age. There is no excuse for the lack of medical care for pregnancy and childbirth. Ms. Meiselas' essay is magnificant in how she shows the abuse of women in that system. I hope it gets to the right people who can make a change for them. Thank you for doing it; I know it must have been very difficult.
Very moving. Triggering a lot of my own emotions. I had an undiscovered bleed after giving birth and noticed it myself. Had I not woken up in pool of blood, the hospital staff would have just let me die. Lost 3 pints of blood, before it stopped. It also happens in the "developed world" due to carelessness or human error. Makes me very angry, that preventable death occur and women in India have to go through this.
Nice Work. They dont print this the newspapers.
Life is very hard in the world...where is GOD? I hope that the gate keepers will go into a jail!
The human insensibility is around the world, I ove Photography and I hope this kind of works contribute to make the change, to make the human consciousness, the goberments consciousness see at those needed people and comunities. I Think is not dificult, everything is posible when we want, everything could change, except death.


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