No Whisper No Sigh

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No Whisper No Sigh

Magnum Group

An introspective photo essay built around the concept of silence - from societal silence surrounding madness to that most personal silence, the intense desire to express oneself and unburden the soul.

This is a terrific photo essay with many images that capture the mood and depth of silence especially the black and white photo's...!
this is a fantastic essay. the music, the pictures the design, this is one of my favourite essays I have watchted it 3 times and I am definately going to watch it again. I hope we will see more essays like this in the future. P.S: I am a very big magnum in motion fan and I love your essays.
Perfect is all and is nothing. The silence is perfect.... and is very important for photography. Thank you Magnum group for this perfection. Regards from Spain.
for the past weeks i have been looking for photographers skilled enough to capture something so ethereal as silence. my search is over. thank you very much =)
Very impressive. why magnum does not produce a DVD?
I enjoyed this very much. Every image asks a question of the viewer, each has their own sense of mystery and of course, their own resounding silence. This essay displayed a true depth of feeling which is rare in photography today. Thank you, D
this is a great essay, I usually prefer the essays only by one photographer, but this one is great. beautiful photographies, tonalities, places, faces, and so on. I really apreciate this essay, it shows how beatiful can silence be.
I'm in silence now.
Eery and powerful but maybe not the best series of images to start the day on. Thank You.
This is a Magnum essay I've grown to love too. I must have watched it half-a-dozen times and yet it always pays reviewing. Like one of the earlier contributors, I often wonder why Magnum doesn't do more to market these and other multimedia products -- whether on DVD or as downloads. Keep up the great work. regards, alun severn
the best body of work I have ever seen make me want to out down my camera for good
no please, don´t sell this great pieces of art. I love the quality and dotes of magnum photographers, and i admire the idea of offering their art to young photographers. Please, don´t sell anything except the pictures itself (like you are doing from the beginning), and let us to learn from internet. Great job, guys, i love this agency, and i hope i could work some day for you. I´m a photojournalist from Perú. Thanks.


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