The Self Assigned Photographer

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The Self Assigned Photographer

Dennis Stock
"I have been privileged to view much of life through my cameras. My emphasis has mainly been on affirmative reactions to human behavior and a strong attraction to the beauty in nature."
A Nice evocation of an old pal/challenger. Thanks,
evocation of an old pal/challenger. Thanks, Bo
A lovely evocation of an old pal/challenger. Thanks,
A Lovely evocation of an old pal/challenger. Thanks,
evocation of an old pal/challenger. Thanks, Bo
Very nice.
evocation of an old pal/challenger. Thanks, Bo
Thanks for sharing this with us, very informative.
Very inspiring article, thank you for making it available on the web. I love Dennis's images and approach. The presentation is awesome.
I agree with the article. Very good explanation about the subject. Self assigned Photography is a difficult job.
photos represents and image that is close to what you are and really confusing but means a lot of things.
wonderful, inspiring, I remember most of what he did ...............
Aloha! yvi
beautiful stories, beautiful images, wonderful experience of life!
A still very inspiring goodbye to a great photographer even after he has left us. Thanks.
A sweet evocation of an old pal/challenger. Thanks, Bob
I'm a big fan of Dennis Stock and would like to know what camera and lens he used for the famous James Dean picture on Times Square! It's just one of the best pictures ever!
Wow, this is a terrific example of why an artist should stick to making images and not talk. Pretentious. Weird. Obnoxious. Wonderful and awful. But such beautiful images--except for the banal flower / landscape work which has already been commented on here. But it is great to see the good and the not so great work all together to get a sense of the man, his thinking, his sloppy sentimentality and his deeply moving insight... so thank you MIM for bringing it all out!
to put it simply, thanks! great story, inspirational how i wish i could be commisioned to do my stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you insist on having spoken words with photos, why the music which makes the words difficult to hear... besides good jazz deserves to be listened to, not heard as background wallpaper... i suggest you either take music off or tone it down a.
La vie est une longue pellicule dont tous les clichés ne sont pas forcément réussis, et certains méritent d'être jetés, mais chacun y a sa place. Merci pour avoir photographié ma vie.
Those photographs within the chapters Brother sun / Provence as well as Flowes are absolutely not Magnum like. Photographs like this, in my personal opinion, can be seen like that or better on many websites of stock agencies and hobby photographers. I do not think that this represents Magnum as it should be represented nor do I see Magnum's spirit in these photographs. Sorry about this frank opinion but of course it's only mine...
The images in Provence are more than just postcard snaps.. And the notion they dont represent magnum is somewhat shallow considering the varying and different styles of the artists in the collective.. thankyou dennis not only for the great work but also the insights you give about approaching your craft. best Daniel
what a master, i love magnum photos, but most of the time, the photographs in magnum could be somewhat bleak, due to its photojournalistic approach; we see these hauntingly beautiful black and white photos of the war torn city, desperate human beings (in the war torn countries); however, dennis stock's photos not only bring some light to this website, it also draws so much inspiration on me, thank you, master, i wish i could meet you one day, i have one question with your 'jazz' photos (if this question will ever get to you, please reply me), how did you shoot those black and whites in such a low light condition? Plus, the film back in those days wouldn't be as sensitive to lights as it is today, would it? Anyway, i am glad i saw your photos, thank you very much, dennis. Tan Eng-Shen
thank you Tan Eng Shen for your kind words. the film was tri x and I rated it at 800 asa and prayed. many of the jazz pictures were taken using strobelight. Dennis
This is the most inspiring collection of photos and words i've come across in a long time. Thank you Dennis, i love your images and your approach.
This piece has been truly inspiring. Springing like a flying arrow from a fully flexed bow my desire to continue shooting solo and sharing with others part of what my eye might find in adventures to come. Andres - Costa Rica
using the internet for one of first times and news and dire politics of the U S today made me seek that way-went to the nation mag yesterday and slate today where i found this choice and clicked on this amazing video choice and see your work ! transported me from here an old 1927 cottage with old stuff, chickens and laundry hanging on the porch, views of luscious marshes out every window hundreds of swallows, numbers of egrets and herons, mallards and sparrows tiny roads which flood with 9 foot tides so you must park elsewhere and the sounds that come from these- the gray sky today is the light just beyond this screen and transporting by way of your video-!!is amazing and i love the jazz there! and now i've got to finish your pictures from what the others say-to provence-? wow, if i can now!!?
Your in depth photographic work is very inspiring, thank you for making it available on the internet, the presentation is great with the interview, music, and real photographs. Doug Healey
The essence of living the creative in your choices and your art move me deeply. I loved photography, but I can hardly ever capture what I see. Your work is so truthful, inspiring and opens me up to what is possible. Thank you so much. My heart is singing after viewing your work. Magnificent. Two years ago, I picked up a paint brush one day and have never stopped. I follow what I feel curious and playful about and that keeps me going. The more I let go the more something comes to me rather than me looking for it. I than begin to dance with that image and I am in the sand again as a child completely immersed in the playground of life.


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