A Scarecrow

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A Scarecrow

Gilles Peress

He travels through the landscapes, the small towns and counties of the "narrow victories" of 2000 and 2004 to get to a Sarah Palin "barn" rally.

Again he looks for answers in the faces of her supporters.

It's fascinating to see several commenters here who have let their own emotions overwhelm their objectivity. This seemed like a pretty straightforward (and effective) photo essay to me.
Is it normally Magnum's position to set out to mock it's subjects? Classy.
Epic fail.
Magnum has lost its way. Terrible pictures, typical of digital cameras with washed out colors and low dynamic range. sensationalistic essays with no substance and too much video and audio footage which overpowers the still images. its sad to see Magnum falling for the same tactics as mainstream media.
It took a few months, but I'm seeing the hate that the libs have for Palin is less about her positions and more about her Christian faith. Thanks for exposing your bias-- "Magnum in Motion"-- yeh, motioned right into my delete folder. BTW- I'm director of photography at a publication with a circulation of several million.
Indeed, SCARY !!! ps: Great job Gilles, T in NY.
A new and riveting direction from the man who created Telex Iran. Though I believe he is an illegal alien from Kenya.


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