Requiem In Samba

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Requiem In Samba

Alex Majoli

Looking to escape Europe and the life he knew, Alex Majoli came to Brazil in 1995. Living in the poor favelas, he encountered a beautiful but violent culture and discovered a very different outlook on life.

Wonderful site! Cheer!
I thought we were living in a deep sludge in Ukraine. But now I understand that somewhere else in the world things are even worse. At least there is no kidnapping here. I'd like to thank Alex for such a greate work. I was impressed. It made me think about the conditions people live in. About the terror and fear they face every single day of their life.
Simplesmente tocante... A maioria das pessoas tem uma imagem do Brasil que e mto aquém da real. Uma imagem q é passada através das novelas... onde tdo e perfeito.... Ai esta o problema e exactamente o contrario... o Brasil e um pais com imenso problemas, e um deles entre os demais e a violência, a droga e a sua taxa de 40% dos casos de sida a nível mundial... E um pais completamente explorado pela politica e policia, onde são uns autênticos corruptos. Aqui é abordado uma realidade bem presente sobre aquele pais, mas como é naquele, é na grande maioria dos países latino-americanos, se bem q numa proporção em geral inferior. Tenho que dar os parabéns pelo excelente trabalho, e pela forma como foi documentado todo o trabalho. Tb pela coragem de entrar num dos locais mais perigosos do mundo...
Incrível!!!! Acho que esta visão sobre o Brasil é muito mais realista do que muitas versões que vejo na mídia daqui. Possui também um ar poético nas fotos que poucos conseguem captar. talvez por ser um olhar digamos "de fora" , talvez seja pela nossa própria condição de já estarmos acostumados com tudo isso, essa violência, essa banalização de tudo. Mas de qualquer forma é fiel ao Brasil, é um retrato bem direto do nosso país...
Amazing how you showed the reality of my country! Place where others only see women and carnival people who suffer from violence and hunger. Congratulations on trial!
I´m a spanish boy, I´m very young ( 16 years old) ,but I think is true all you say, I want to travel, understand all that things.... sorry for my english, but "grazie" for your photos alex, you are a inspiration for me. Thanks, alex.
I am Brazilian and I have never seen such a powerful essay about my country's reality. Absolutely honest, no melodrama, just the harsh, bare truth. The connection you made with these people shines through the photographs. Hats off to you.
All I have to say is that I felt like I was in a movie while I watched your essay. Maybe it was because of the music, or maybe it is just because I live in a different reality... But like a good movie, it made me feel as if I was there. In fact I wish I could see that with my own eyes.
first of all, thank you for making images so descriptive and powerful without seeking cliches. what a beautiful way to see these images as well... i'm a philadelphia photographer living in guatemala city for the past 7 years. how long were you in brazil? my vision here has been somewhat different from yours... not that things are that different. $100 / month is a middle class family's wage here. women are murdered daily with impunity, prisons are luxury retreats for narcotics traffickers and gangs, and there are more lynchings than anywhere else in the world. but there's another side to it. the other side of samba. thanks for your vision. if you´re interested in mine...
That was a very thought provoking essay I enjoyed it, is the music in your essay available to the public if so I would like a copy of it .
I enjoyed that very much, When i go to Rio I will have to check out the Favela , to see for my self you'll should watch city of gods the movie if you interested in the Favelas
Extraordinary and powerful work. Alex, I am an devoted amateur photographer. I am moving to Brasil for two years. I would like to communicate with you about your work and your inspiration. I also have a desire to capture the spirit of Brasil in pictures.
i`m a peruvian student of photojournalism and i want to congratulate the work you´ve done, Majoli. Here, in Perú, we have the same reality with AAHH (that´s the name here for favelas), full of inmigrants from the terrorism. Places forgotten by society and the goverment. It´s a good job to photograph their reality, because it canencourage people to change that situation. Also, i know we, the photojournalist, don´t have as a principal work to change things.
when i was in vietnam, i asked why?. when i see these pictures i wonder why?. why does goverments of difrent countryies not relize we are moving in a verry bad direction. why do we wait ? ther is no time. i fell so lucky to be an american, but when you remove the fredom of one man we all lose. like you i wish there was a way to remove the pain, suffrening. i feel so helples. the world is out of controol. why or how are we diffrent that hitler ( 6 million jews) how many have died since ww2. love: clyde t. smith
lavoro sull eroina da molto, sono a mdarid adesso mi sento a volte come in una guerra ...a volte , metre lavoro , mi vengono in mente le vostre fotografie..poi torno a casa l eriguardo come sto facendo ora..m i insegnate piu di un professore..grazie buona lavoro andrea
"Quero morrer numa batucada de bamba na cadencia bonita do samba" Sabe que a bossa e' a outra cara do samba!! Parabens.
This is a striking work of art. It is other things as well, of course - but its durability comes from its beauty. I've seen it many times, and have sent it around the world. I am sure others have had the same reaction.


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