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Harry Gruyaert

At the heart of Harry Gruyart’s work is the structuring nature of colour, organised by the tension of the horizon line. With photos taken all around the world, Gruyaert opposes the hustle of the city with a pared-down, yet intense, nature.

Very eerie. I loved it!
Brilliant ! the music makes more intense.
Me encantó este trabajo...! (I loved this work!)
I'm in love with this work.
Stunning, first came across Gruyart's work at the Barcelona Cinema exhibition and thought it was the best work there. Please can we see more of his work on the Magnum site? There's a real shortage of his work on the web.
Hi, you should make this essay available on podcast... Is it a possibility? It is an essay to be looked at over and over again, everywhere. It's wonderful!
As a bit of a rivage-hunter myself (but at a very amateur level), I must say that I deeply admire these images of Harry Gruyaert. The meeting of sea with land is perhaps the most evocative of subjects, so stimulating of our memories and so stirring to our senses, and this essay is the best I've seen on that theme. I have viewed it many times so far, and every time is new.
and i thought i wasnt into landscapes. these are great, wish i'd seen this before my trip to hill end, nsw i would of composed my landscape shots a little different!


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