The Revolution

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The Revolution

Burt Glinn

The Cuban Revolution: a historic event with enduring implications. Burt Glinn was on the ground capturing the chaos, excitement and high emotion of Fidel's ascendency to the world stage.

Its great to hear Mr Glinn talking about his work. Well done Magnum. In Motion is a daily source of inspiration to me. Thank you. Thaddeus Pope, age 23, Brighton, England.
As a white person who grew up in Miami, I'd be interested to see how the right-wing Cubans would respond to this piece. I thought it was great to see the beginnings of Castro's reign and I completely agree with Mr. Ginn's final comments about America's fear of a communist Cuba. If only we could have worked with him, Cuba might be a different place today. Magnum in Motion is amazing!
Creo que el problema, como se menciona al final del reportaje, es que las soluciones quizás no fueron las adecuadas, pero fue Fidel quien le dijo al mundo AQUI HAY UN PROBLEMA, y creo que el mundo se hizo el sordo.
Whatever happened to objective journalism? Here is Mr Glinn, arguably one of Magnum's most celebrated members, holding up a combat rifle. Did he use it to shoot somebody? This is the most shameful image of a photo journalist being co-opted by communists I have ever seen and MIM glorifies him for it. Shame on Mr Glinn and shame on Magnum.


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