Picnic With Sergey

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Picnic With Sergey

Bruce Gilden
After the Soviet Union fell apart, the big shots once in charge of organized Russian crime vanished, either dead or unleashed through the world, and small potato villains have survived on the periphery of large cities in a now cleaned up Russian wild West.
Love the ending tune...
name - Naggano track - Vodka U can find it on YouTube
Any one can tall what is palying in the background, soundtrack I mean, this Russian Hip-Hop stuff, where can I find the artist and a song title ?
Superb photos and essay, love the voice-over and sound effects, watched the entire thing with a huge smile on my face!
Fantastic work Bruce. LOVE the music.
Great work
Great work, pure journalism
Yes, short, amazing and very true.
A Bruce Gilden Special!!! Amazing set of images of a ex-tough-guy..... Greetings from Bangladesh..... ;-)
Simply amazing stuff. Also thanks for Magnum In Motion. Keep up the good work!
Mr. Bruce , I am always thrilled with your stuffs, there is a saying i know- 'you are just a one piece made!'
This is a wonderful work. Bruce is a great reporter and a big photographer!
you are a great photographer and a reporter ...
that was short and amazing :)


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