One Planet, One Chance

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One Planet, One Chance

Magnum Photographers

Rich countries are already preparing public health to deal with future climate shocks. For poor countries it is much harder: they need international support to adapt. We are drifting into a world of adaptation apartheid.

This essay is a very seductive call for the advanced countries of the world to commit collective suicide by reducing their collective carbon footprint to that of those countries already impoverished into a brutal parody of life in the Stone Age. Climate change has been a fact of life for millenia, and the thought that man can alter what Nature has had in motion since time began is a gigantic bit of eagotistic posturing. The glaciers have advanced and receded multiple times, did the Neandethals in their slaughter of the wooly mammoth somehow cause this to happen? The advanced nations of the world would better serve their third world cousins by sharing how technology can assist farmers to grow more healthful crops, by making people less likely to settle in flood prone regions, and by removing governmental interferences from the many ways that resourceful individuals can augment each others knowledge, for the betterment of all mankind.
Wow, this is definitely of the most powerful group essays Magnum In Motion has done. Well done, and a very noble use of the vaunted Magnum archive. Now how to get it seen beyond this site? This should be on television, in cinemas during the previews (like old newsreels), etc. Are you all pursuing anything like that?
A very powerful message is conveyed from this video.
I am from China,this year,2008,it's a nightmare for China,we experienced the heavy snow disaster,then continuous earthquake,typhoon,floodwater...... Sound like the God will make more and more accidents for us,the joke is more and more serious ...... God bless human
Fiquei impressionada. Obrigada. Foi uma experiênica maravilhosa
I really care about my planet...I know there is only one and appreciate your intent to make people aware of the danger. I hope this will help...I'm forwarding this video to all my contacts. Good luck human beings.......listen to this advice, we have only ONE planet...after its destrucion there will be just nothing.... Monica
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