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New Era

Peter van Agtmael

As thousands of people gather in Washington for Inauguration Day, Peter van Agtmael takes a reality check and shoots his way through the ecstatic crowds.

I think this is first class photojournalism doing what its supposed to do....arrouse human emotion. It may not be good emotion, but his objective as a photojournalist. Looking through the rest of Peter van Agtmael's prolific work on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. I'm starting to wonder where the huge volumes of high tech weaponry is coming from to arm the Iraqi and Afghani insurgents? Some speculation points to Iran which is possibly a transit point, but we should ask ourselves where they actually originate from before Iran, who provides them, and why?
I do believe Obama can make a difference, maybe a small difference but at least this man has a vision the only thing that i really HATE in this essay is the idea of saving the world !! i pray that each one mind his own business and every thing will be fine.
It is once again a demonstration of American arrogance that our problems and the resolution of those problems, is a somehow a representaion of "saving the world". I think the major problem we face is to learn how to live in the world and with the world, rather than exploiting or dominating other peoples with our economic power, greed, and political treachery
God photos diminished by a blah slideshow. 50% of what a viewer sees is the soundtrack - so work it! Look again at what Burns does with pix on a timeline.
perhaps just me, but i really dislike jerking photos around - it feels like an E! or MTV style production and really disrupts the narrative for me and feels so 20-something. otherwise, i like the salient points that the audio commentary makes, a very good choice to accompany the photos for me.
thank you peter
Always good to see a different perspective on things.. The hype and slogans are completed, now it's time to see what happens with America with the new people in power (??)
This definitely has a different kinda take to Inauguration Day than most of the other essays I've seen... I was expecting hope , change, and all that jazz...


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