Minutes to Midnight

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Minutes to Midnight

Trent Parke
Trent Parke captured "Minutes to Midnight" during a two-year journey across Australia at the end of which his son was born. It is both a document of a nation mourning the loss of a perceived innocence and a man's vision and evolution.
very inspiring, Mr Parke Like stuff like this.
I think his pics are amazing :) And your baby is very cute.
Désolé pour ceux qui comprennent le français.
Thanks. It's really beautiful! I don't imagine Trent Park like that.
Just amazing! Great piece of work!
There is an inherent respect for your subject, and for life, in your work that makes the most brutal photos a commentary on the wonder of life on earth. Your work is very humble also, not claiming to have any answers, but the answers float to the surface as it evolves. Much is said by not being said. Your awareness of light begs for more b&w. Looking forward to it.
Thank you, to share this site, very good photographs. I will add his documents in my favourites
thanks, thats realy great. nice pics
Thanks for sharing, very amazing picture ! i enjoy and put your website in my bookmark !
very inspiring, Mr Parke
That's great, I never thought about Minutes to Midnight like that before.
I did very much enjoy this. Great job on putting it together. Thanks, and I'll be back for more. Adrian
Fantastic work. There is not a cliche in the bunch. There is an inherent respect for your subject, and for life, in your work that makes the most brutal photos a commentary on the wonder of life on earth. Your work is very humble also, not claiming to have any answers, but the answers float to the surface as it evolves. Much is said by not being said. Your awareness of light begs for more b&w. Looking forward to it.
Startling and beautiful. Took me out of my head and into every place you snapped. Thank you.
Some very inspiring work from Trent Parke and essay producer Gideon Gold. Amazing!
Absolutely beautiful images!!! One of my favourite Magnum photographers.
those are inspiring works....cant wait for any incoming ones.
Awesome stuff… very insightful works… Can’t wait for any upcoming bodies of work
Dream/Life is one of my favorite books. I love the Minutes to Midnight work -- a remarkable point of view. I want that book NOW!
As a young photographer myself I have to thank Mr. Trent Parke for his unique vision and his work--you cannot take your eyes off the work--anything Trent does is magical. I am dying to see a huge volume of work published soon--Trent--please get your books back in print and publish a HUGE volume...in a world of so many stale image makers you are truly a diamond. Thank you for your contribution and for making this candid essay. Brad Webber Los Angeles, CA
tremendous stuff trent. tremendous photography. tremendous feeling. tremendous Oz pictures. tremendous Oz story. tremendous relationship with light. great show too. is this online show going to stay available for ever (ish!)? i want to show it to everybody. i want to come back to it. here's to you and colour. you and narelle. you and your son. until another day my best /michael
love this work made by you (inmotion) with the Parke's photos "minutes to midnight". Parke's word's about this work are also very good. unfortunatly there are no subtitles of parke's words. i think in future essays like this one subtitles are very welcome because i'm thinking about that because deaf people can't ear. let's point that to a near future.
Man what can I say. I feel youve taken my pictures for all the times I didnt, and Ill tell you what, you inspire me. ive lost my faith in photography in the past and Ive become embroiled in the tools and now I feel the need to almost get into a bath of developer myself. I lived and loved in Australia more then a decade ago and to be honest I never heard of ye until about a week ago, and you images strike me so much, they look like my own dark work taken on the streets of Sydney. I now live in Seattle and lifes the same as it is everywhere, America, ireland, Australia etc. man Ive seen changes, I saw my own country change from a veiled sleepy waterlogged chapel of discontent to a hardnosed brittle empty space, in just ten years. i have photos of Ireland in the early 90s when the world was fully awake and alive in new times and that country still slipped in its own wet farts. There is a beauty in those images, I knew it then but it was a private knowledge, everyone hated everything back then, so did I, but my pictures helped me to see, and when you said what you said in that film, I nearly broke down because spoke for me, you constructed the words for me, you made me realise something. All the best, and I wish you the very best in everything for you your other half and your little kid. Joe
Nice to see more use of video on this site. Great photography. Very well done. Keep up the good work. Patrick Yen
too many photographers today, just a few photography lovers. thank you, trent parke, your work is a great example of personal commitment and professional integrity. ... and... yes,very inspiring, thank you again. From mexico city
I don't know what to say, but being a foreigner in Australia, i guess the title above serves the purpose to compliment or thank someone Aussie. I live in Sydney and i am an avid photographer. 6 years ago, i came here to study pharmacy, and half way through, i found photography, as a way to kill time and boredom; i have to admit, it's hard for me to tell people when they asked me what do i like about Australians, apart from their good-hearted, friendly nature, i really can't think of any. I don't like Vegemites, I don't like footballs and rugby, i don't like Australian movies, Australian food? No comment. BUT, Australian photography? I could name a few; Lewis Morley, Max Dupain, Ken Duncan, TRENT PARKE? I learned TRENT PARKE from Henri-Cartier (my all time favorite), believe it or not, coz' that's where i found the Magnum website. And i think Mr. Parke, your work is OUTSTANDING! I never had the opportunity to meet Max Dupain (another favorite of mine), but i certainly wish to meet you one day, and talk about photography, something organic, not digital. And, before i stop writing, i have to say it again, "Good on ya, mate!!!" EngShen
Really quite spectacular. I really enjoyed imagining Australia as a dark place and waiting/anticipating light. Rhett Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Trent, we met in Paris after WPP in 99. I remember seeing some of your "wave" prints and thinking this guy is really on to something. Your work has evolved continuously, the key to being a true artist, which you are. And as Dorothy discovers, you have shown that magic that lurks around us, around our homes and lives, not only in far away places and exotic locales. Bravo. Roger
Your frustration at 'London light' made me smile- you reminded me (I lost myself..maybe it's living in England!) the importance of reacting to the light as well as content. Beautiful work. Justin Sainsbury www.flickr.com/photos/99953214@N00/
Thank you for your words and pictures! They´ve show me how photography is linked with life and dream.
Wow, really geat images! Mr. Parke, you have a fantastic sense of timing within composition. Often with most photographers, it's either one or the other, but you've got both. Unfortunately, "Magnum In Motion" is not letting your images stand still, on their own. The panning and zooming is terrible. (But I do love the new website design, and pretty much everything else about Magnum. I know you're merely playing with new toys, but I think you should default to the restraint that has made this agency hold up so well over the decades.) Thanks, and good luck!
trent, what an amazing documentary. it is great to be able to let speak the photograpy the life you live. these picture are your life. a moment in time, or is it the time of the moment? Only a few people can reach that stage. i am looking so much forward to the beginning of the new era, where color will take over the emotions and where you will achieve the what has never been done before. great! boris
I'd rather say thanks than congrats, for such an inspiring material. That's exactly what I feel at every frame, the work of somebody who really found what he came to this earth to, and with the genuine style of his art thanks to life for giving him the chance of being here and make the world great.
you've done excellent work that you should be proud of. adding color will be new challenge but i guess nothing can go wrong with your way of seeing things around. wish you all the best!
Historic images, but I have to say that colour seems unnecessary for someone who has a really unique vision in B&W. I hope you get the books back in print, hard to find in Europe. Thanks!
I'm sitting in the dark, alone at home, it's 3 days before Christmas and I don't have a job. Corporate America decided they didn't have room for me anymore. I've been shooting some during this time but I didn't know where to go until I saw this piece. Trent you have given me the kick I needed to get out and explore my world, as you explored yours. As I type this thoughts of selling my home and paying off the Subaru are swirling about my brain. But for me my world is a place the size of Oregon (US). But I think I might just take off for a year or so. You've shown me how. This is some of the most honest work I've seen in a long time. The way you describe photography as a way to see your world really hit home in my heart, as I share that sentiment. Your shots are absolutely amazing, and I say good for you on your move to color. Man can not live on line and shape alone! Thank you for your work. Todd Meucci ~ Meucciphotographic
Trent, Refreshingly passionate and artistic. I thoroughly enjoyed your work. Well done.
The reasons for the darkness, I feel are : overpopulation of the world even though there are not many folk in the outback, they are still affected by the # 2 cause : Media
Thanks for the insight to you,your images,your thoughts,your life,your world, your way of working,your view of Australia. Thanks for opening up that which most people find hurtfull and hard to talk about, the things that make the person as well as the images which they create. Thanks for sharing the inner and outer Eye. Best Wishes and a peacefull new year. Peter
Beautiful, classic and modern in the same time. "Life is in colour, but black and white is more realistic" is the theme I am working on at the moment. Greetings from the Netherlands.
... for the inspiration; for your belief in life & people; for the stunning images; for the commentaries that brought a tear to my eye & a smile on my face. Now I'm gonna go out & absorb life :-)
..a real inspiration. I'm ashamed to say I've never seen your images before but will definately seek out and buy a copy of Minutes to Midnight asap. Thanks!
It's so lovely living away from home and seeing Australia with a fresh eye. Appreciate your vision. Wish I got to see the exhibition, will keep my eye out for your work in future. Cheers
Fantastic moment. Parke's work is one of the most interesting in photography now. Inspiration, look on the world...thank you. It's remember me the city work of Harry Callahan.
I have watched this story, may be, hundred times already and can watch another hundred times for sure. I really loved to see that you have such a great vision and passion on your country and photography afterwards. You have unique approach to photography which makes you very different than others; which you already explained in the story. Good luck and please show us more, more, more, more..... kissesss to Jem...
Some of the things you say about loving life and about blocking out when your mother died I can relate to so easily and like yourself I chase images that stir my unconconscious they are the only ones that are valid for me. Love your work awesome and so moving
I'm an A Level Photography student and i wish to research Trent Parke for my Individual study - i need to get hold of him so i can quiz him on all of his ideas. This film was amazing to watch, it gave me so much more information and his points of view. Anybody like to suggest a Certain photo to study in depth? Thanks x
I love Trent Parke's work and hearing him talk about it just encouraged that interest. There is definately something special about his images and how he produces them. I've actually seen some of his prints at a photography festival and they are even more captivating in person. Infact i am currently focusing on his work Minutes to Midnight for my uni project. Trent, you inspre me! Nathan


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