Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Magnum Photographers

Who is Santa Claus? In China "Dun Che Lao Ren," in Sweden "Juletomten". In the USA there is an urban legend that the Coca Cola Company invented the white and red suit. In Italy he is a skinnier and more regal looking version of Santa Claus. All around the world Santa Claus is celebrated with different rituals.

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Happy festives, thanks for the treat.
Thnks...all images are amazing!
from Greece West Macedonia Kozani
Thank you for the thought-provoking, stirring images, the catchy theme song and the well choreographed presentation.
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Happy new year!
Perfect! It communicates a strong message about the Christmas spirit...
Wonderful! It's lovely!
thanks a lot for a wonderful christmas gift.... your pictures make me see Merry Christmas
to be humble is to be great first.and you can. thanks.
You are the best one!
What a great series of shots and top choice on the score to go with the pictures.
Magnum, siempre Magnum con sus oportunos trabajos en el momento correcto. Feliz Navidad.
No surprise about the pictures, this is MAGNUM. i´m just wondering about the worst edit i´ve seen here...
Great selection of Christmas inspired photos. festive greetings to everyone at Magnum.
Wonderful... without words to say... thank you for you click it... magnificent !!! Simone
very well done...
I like it!, pretty good essay, congratulations!
Thomas Nast, Harper's Weekly, during Civil War years, is credited with introducing the view of Santa Claus that we have today, including the use of red and white.
Canim, Hayatinin zorlu ve acili yillarini geride birakacagin; kendini herzamankinden hep cok sevecegin, askla dolacagin, zengin, mutlu, huzurlu, saglikli, eglenceli, bol seyahatli, yepyeni bir yil dilerim. Hersey gonlunce olsun istedigin hersey hayirlisiyla sana gelsin. Ailen, Birtan, Canon 5D, para, dostlarin, saglik, sevgi seni hic yalniz birakmasin. Sen herseyin en guzelini ve en ozelini hak ediyorsun, seni cok seviyorum Ay isigi
Congratulations, is so beautiful., Thank you for this wonderful woik.!!
Magnum thank You very much to exist!!! Merry Christmas to the whole Photographers of the world!!!!!!!
Very amusing. Merry Christmas everyone
Cool. Just one thing, Santa Claus is not called "Juletomten" in Sweden — it's "Jultomten"! Merry Christmas to everyone!
Coca-Cola did not invent the white and red Santa. This is a myth.
Thank you. It was a pleasure to see the Christmas spirit through the lens of so many great photographers. Happy Holidays Magnum. Sandra Costa Brás - Portugal
Brilliant, thank you very much by this wonder. Happy 2009
wow!!! cool! :)
Could feel the chill of the season...super stuff! thanks
You gave me a very happy Christmas moment. Your humor is wonderful! Thank you!
I am Impressed. It was just great. Merry christmas to all in Magnum Lars
I thought the combination of the images and music made a fabulous presentation. Thank you for sending it. I've never seen anything quite like it. Happy holidays to all of you at Magnum.
some fantastic images which have given me some additional ideas for images of my own. Thank you and happy holidays to all at Magnum
brilliant - happy christmas to all!
I like it. I recall some of the pictures. Some are new for me. Merry Christmas!
Hello there, That was highly entertaining - thank you very much. Evocative photographs and wonderful music. Just one thing to note: The Dutch 'Santa' is named Sinterklaas, and the festival bearing his name is celebrated on December 5. He arrives from Spain sometime in November (simultaneously, in all cities and towns of Holland). Blessed Christmas, Ewout de Gelder


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