The Aesthetic Hunter

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The Aesthetic Hunter

Steve McCurry

Famously displayed in his Afghan girl photo, Steve McCurry, a master of light, color and composition, strives not to display his own prowess but to bring to light the soul of his subjects.

This is amazing work giving a full energy to work. Inspired me a lot thanks
Your photographs are beyond beautiful, they take one's breath away..they are truly some of the most amazing photographs in the world. I would be so happy if i could take just one of your photographs- you are such an inspiration and it is obvious that photography is your life and your passion. ps would love to see you shoot in Morocco!
You are the reason for my beginnings.
Steve you are definitely my favorite photographer!
Thank You Steve for the the greater gift that anybody could receive!......EMOTIONS. Thank You! Luca.
Thank you sir, for bringing the rest of the world to us. For telling true storys in a world of propoganda. And for being an an amazing photogrpaher. Truly an inspiration
Tank you for this realy great pictures. I love them.
With your work you are showing me the way to follow as an intellectual photographer who wants to write with the light and colours the life as it is. Thanks I will try follow your road. Isaac.
It is poetry hidden under a market table It is a single candle burning in endless nights It is the blood wash through the plains of Africa It is the random events from the extrodinary life we life It is the breath It is the unseen It is the past, present and the non-existence of tomorrow It is the soul that has lived a thousand times-- It is you the ordinary of extrodinary
Photographs full of emotiones, helping to understand other cultures, a little view with them eyes, thank you Mr.Mc Curry and team. J.Randak,Berlin/ Germany
Dear Steve...this was really an eye opener. I've always been a great admirer of your work. After watching this presentation, I am quite moved by the amount of energy you have put behind getting such images. It's a real eye openner. It's through you hard work that we've been treated to a culture that was hitherto unknown. Many thanks. Greetings from India. Siddhartha


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