Marathon 07

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Marathon 07

Thomas Dworzak
The ING New York City Marathon is arguably the most important event in running. In 2006 Magnum Photographer Thomas Dworzak ran the marathon, camera in hand. See the pictures and listen to his experiences.
thanks guys , your pictures have dedicated me to stop doing crack and cacaine now i just do every other drug i can think of not just those anymore thanks guys
Thomas, thanks for the inspiration. I attempted the same type of documentation for the 2008 NYC Marathon. Scott
great marathon, mainly because of the people around
it"s a wonderfull event that's realized in New York, congratulatinos to the population that give a extra power to the atletic nation that lives just one week in this magicle city, we have some atletics that wil gonna run like marilson da nobrega, and good luck to him and a milion of kiss to this lovely people
Watching your photos took me on a cruise of what the 2nd of November is going to be. Wishing good luck to my sister Polly flying from PERU for her first lMarathon. All the best we will be with you all the way. Luv you.
best wishes from ibiza(IBalearen Spain).I come from germany and stay since 4 month on the happy island. (The training here was really hard.It's my first marathon .Thank you thomas for those pictures.
This was motivating...seeing is believing....experiencing what I just saw is going to be even more exciting- I'm pumped....I'm excited.....thank you for that even more motivation......and any last minute suggestions and/ or reminders!!
I Live in Venezuela and I began to run the last march well I feel good and i increase more I run 10 Kms but I never participate in a big marathon .Iwill like to participe in New York but I need more time to prepar for 26 Miles 43 Km It not easy buy I think I can do it because I have Passion for this sport and enjoe a lot,well the next 2 year I prepar for this goal I have.
I run this marathon and this essay i flawless. It represents quite accurately my own experience. Thanks
Hi, thanks for taking those pictures. My husband ran the marathon and I couldn't join as we have a little baby. You gave me the chance to still see what it was like. Well done!!
i wanna run the marathon is mi firts time what can i do
I would like to apply for an application to run the marathon.
Can't wait to do it this year!!!!
Thank you Thomas for your photo essay on the NYC Marathon. I ran it 10 years ago and will revisit the pain and glory again this year.. Watching this brought back many emotions and memories and truly helped fire me up when I needed it the most - during these sweltering summer training months. I hope to take in all your photo essays. Thanks again. Hue


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