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Los Angeles

Alessandra Sanguinetti

Alessandra Sanguinetti joined Magnum as a nominee in 2007. Her photographs are included in museums and and private collections. Her book, “On the Sixth Day,” was published in 2006.

It is a great idea to ask simple people their opinion on such a complicated subject. The photographs have good and harmonious compositions. Very urban and poetic, no doubt. But, there is too much texts, what makes this essays a little difficult to read. It's hard to focus on the pictures with so much information. A cleaner remake could let this perfect and very useful.
a little slow but otherwise a great photo essay. also, there is a typographical error, "painting on him?" I love the text and only wish the ambient sound was a little louder
Alessandra, excelentes retratos, y la historia de las elecciones desde el punto de vista de la comunidad inmigrantes, realizado por una fotografa tambien inmigrante es muy bueno, se siente una cercanía con la gente muy emotiva. Hay una parte en que la imagen, la lectura y el audio es mucho a la vez y cuesta porner atencion, excelentes los testimonios recopilados, la historia desde varios ángulos, saludos


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