Living Proof

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Living Proof

David Alan Harvey
In 2005, David Alan Harvey began photographing local emcees in the Bronx River Projects. Harvey traveled to Hollywood and then went global to document a culture a mere three decades in existence.
Lanre where are you, what you doing,
Beautiful work. 'Stolen' from right under my nose. I should've been on this one. Much respect to you my friend.
David,I look forward to hearing you talk and seeing you at the LOOK3 workshops. You took pictures of my daughters as we were leaving Richmond years ago and I have followed your career. I have been involved with a photographic exhibit of which I was the curator, Families of Abraham,208 photographs of Jewish, Christian and Muslim families. The exhibit is traveling and now in Atlanta. Eleanor Brawley
David… I said it once, and I will repeat over and over… this is great story… great photos… this is essence of photojournalism!! Best Wishes Martin
This is a phenomenal piece of work!!!!! Congratulations to David Alan Harvey and Magnum Photos! I took a NG workshop with David & was waiting to see the finished works from the HIP HOP Project! SUPERB! SHELLY DENES
Wonderful fluid use of multimedia to further the story. Thank you Mr. Harvey and Magnum for putting this out there. ken harper
Loved this piece, very well done. I particularly liked the dance sequences. There are some technical things I noticed that I won't go into detail here, but if you would like me to list them along with some potential remedies then feel free to call or email me at the contact info provided below. Thanks. Patrick Yen +1.270.535.0795
I enjoyed that a lot. Not entirely on the same line, but a piece on a local Ky studio studio a fellow student did. I'd also like to know the name of that Palestinian group.
Great Story! The characters made the piece. Good blend of multimedia.
Watched it twice! Perfect timing for such a great essay, particularly how hip hop is currently under fire. -An eternal fan of Hip Hop, and a new fan of yours.
A great piece of essay ! One of the few storys about black culture without the usual lies and misconceptions ! More of that stuff please ! Great pictures anyway !
A great piece. Very informative and diverse. Thank you. Ehrin
What a fantastic essay. It is fasinating to see the real roots of a massive culture in juxtaposition with what it is today. I am dissapointed National Geographic didnt use more of Harvey's informative images in the recent article on hip hop.
I love how all the elememts gel together, how you've traced the history of the cultrue and blended it in beautifully with the present. Perfect demonstration of story telling.


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