Un Jour, La Nuit

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Un Jour, La Nuit

Patrick Zachmann

When haunting a giant metropolis, I stay awake all night. I’m attracted to artificial lights, a reflection on a face, a silhouette projected on a wall that turns it into a screen.

Hey. New here and figured I should post and say hello.
Wonderful journey watching night divided by light.
GENIAL !!! Et trés interessent. Je t´embrasse. Julio (et Liliana)
This was a true experience. Stories, I might never have experienced without you. Thank you.
Nice job ! I would love to see some more !
Hi... from el salvador thats really good job I lke so much... I invited to coming to El Salvador for complete this essay. Congats!!!
Absolutely brilliant!!!
I found this haunting and intriguing. light changes perception and mood, beautifully captured here
Nice work! Highly enjoyable Patrick.
Hy Patrick, I saw the "Un Jour, La Nuit" exhibition in Paris last week. Rarely have I been touched so strongly from a series of photographs. Interesting lighting, misterious atmosphere, just a little bit surreal,... Exellent location and lighting as well for the exhibition. You gained a fan! Kris
That was inspiring. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
very very good, i wouldnt expect anything less from the magnum family.
hi patrick, a really good body of work. i like it a lot. i love photographing at night. there's something about artificial light, the often strange almost surreal colours and the deep black shadow - all mysterious. what does happen in the shadows? i think its that mystery that makes "night life" so much more interesting. its not all there in front of you, its not served up on a plate. there is room for the unknown. at times i think its some sort of parallel dimension: the streets and the buildings are exactly the same building as exist in daylight, the people are in most cases the same people as would be seen in daylight, yet the darkness makes them somehow different. i like that different world a lot. jason.
After watching this essay I felt the emotion that a city and it's people emit at night. The use of artifical light in conjuction with the shadows was not only a brilliant use of design but also made each image pop.
sentido profundo ! grandioso


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