Khmer Boxing

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Khmer Boxing

John Vink
Thai boxing it isn't. It is Cambodian. It was born in deepest Khmer history, engraved in the stone of Angkor. The violence is a counterpoint to the softness of its inhabitants' gestures.
In my eyes, Thai, Khmer, Laos and Myanmar or Burmese boxing are not much different. It may be slightly different because of their innovation and modernization. I have been to Ayudaya and say Khmer architecture. Thai has many influence of Khmer, Burmese and Laos. Although Khmer was a birth place of Indochina boxing and art, Thai was an innovator of Khmer boxing. It has more westernized and modernized style. Thai also learnt from Myanmar boxing known as Letwei during the warring period. Thanks to Thai for making this special ancient art for becoming less brutal and more sport minded. I also wish to pay the tribute to the Cambodia which is the birth place of Pradal Serey boxing art and ancestor of the Muay Thai, Letwei of Burmese and Seur Lark Haung of Laotian.
Umm... it's wrong to think that the Thai renamed the Khmer boxing style... it is more likely that through the various wars in their past they learned and built upon one another's fighting style... it's very biased to say that the Thai stole the Khmer style or that the Khmer are trying to take credit for the Thai style.. because it is essentially the style of Indochina through the various conflicts... but I guess it's easier for us humans to look at it from a biased point.
In Thailand, we have a boxing for long time, maybe since the U.S still had war with the native American. It's true that Khmer influenced Thailand in the past but in Thai history, there were many stories or articles that tell about a boxing is part of our original culture and also Burma.
I think it's great that Thais get all the credit for thier part in spreading Khmer Boxing and renaming it Muay Thai! Khmers for some reason are always in the backdrop and never the forefront in asian subjects and Western popularity esp. compare to Thailand. - Is it because Thai food is more favorable with Western Cultures? Or is it the women on the city streets and clubs of Bangkok thats westerners find favorable and easy? Or is it that Cambodia has been through communism, genocide, and repression for so many decades and we are back in the shadows again? I guess it can be a number of reasons. But I surely believe that Khmers should take credit (since it is true they invented it) and be equal partners in calling kickboxing Khmer boxing or to be fair lets call it Khmer Muay boxing? Eh?
Very well done, I enjoyed watching it. I have to admit though, I don't know much about Khmerboxing and how it differs with Muay Thai. But i'm looking forward to learning more.
yes thanks john vink for this. after some research I found that thai's never existed when khmer kickboxing was created around 3000 years ago.
I would love to learn this Cambodian martial art and live in Southern Caifornmai. Can you please recommend a place for me to learn Bokaotr. Thank you


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