Ghost Town

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Ghost Town

Thomas Dworzak

Thomas Dworzak's poignant essay on New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina provides an eyewitness account of one of America's most horrific natural disasters. It is important to understand how the future president would deal with a devastating event such as Hurricane Katrina.

this so bad because people lost there home and i am sorry for them, i wish i can make it right
ghost town looks incredible ! @
i think ghost town isn't that scary.
I can't beileve this happed in american,the most powerful and rich country in the world.
Unbelievable. It gave me goosebumps. Something went wrong along the timeline of history if this is what mankind allows to happen. And the soundtrack is just so beautifully depicting this lonesome place where you're at the brink of evolution and you tell yourself "how could I have misinterpreted this ? It was supposed to be the other way around ! I want back, I want another chance to rebuild everything"
We have to accept that any country has its own problems neet to face,whatever it's from its own people or just from the God..... but remenber this bad day is not forever,U.S.A. will overcome it,I hope...
oh my god...
Our greatest enemies are our own governments. Thanks for the essay!


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