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Larry Towell

Larry Towell and novelist Ace Atkins set out to cover the wake of Hurricane Katrina. An intimate one week road trip through a strange landscape became a tribute to human endurance.

This is so incredibly sensational - sometimes photographs are needed to make people realise the truth about a situation. Your work is amazing.
They are so much things to say, but picture speak more than words. Thank for your comment and your work .
La experienca de Thomas como fotógrafo de guerra es idonea para cubrir desastres como el ocurrido a new orleans. Una pena que lo lamento a lo lejos. Por otro lado, aplaudo el trabaj de thomas, por su maestría al momento de elegir que tipo de tratamiento dale a la imagen desde el encuadre: crudo, directo, pero sugerente a su vez. Felicitaciones.
The essay was beautiful. The picture of Grand Isle was inaccurate. Grand Isle is in Louisiana, in Jefferson Parish. Otherwise, magnificent! From a resident of Jefferson Parish, who lives 5 miles from the city tht was formerly known as New Orleans.
I'm in Portland Oregon, where there was a great outpouring of help, financial and volunteer....my husband is a zydeco musician, and his groups played innumerable benefits. I too wonder why the area isn't rebuilt.
it really pains me to know what happened to all those people and how we, as the most pewerful nation on earth, can't even get our shit together in a disaster like this....
Still being the hardest thing to vision even a year after. Neither a single news broadcast nor magazine cover had ever truthfully portrayed the horrible devastation of Katrina while keeping the unique beauty of each area effected in mind. These pictures did exactly that! These photos turned a disaster into a beautiful art! These will become historical memories of every feeling that Katrina left in her path, the memories of the pain, sadness, hate, love, loss and appreciation. However, of all these should one day remind everyone of determination, growth, and strength!
Looking at the devistation is heartbreaking. Being a former resident of New Orleans I have an intiment knowledge of the people and culture of the area. It will take years to climb back out of the hellhole that Katrina left behind. However, I believe the people left in the city will be able to build it back up. The population lost were in the poorest part of town and the most dangerous sectors. Most were rentors with very little to loose. With a clean sweep across the 9th ward it may prove benificial to the health of the city in the long run. Crime will be much lower than before Katrina and the schools rebuilt were needing of repair before the hurricane. I prey god will give the resident strength to look forward to a better day. The wrath which was bestoyed upon the city was in may ways a reprieve to long time residents who found out it truely is a City that Care Forgot. Rob
Your pictures look just like the ones I took. I was deployed to Biloxi for 14 day last November and worked along the coast in Jackson County doing damage assesments and re-building inspections. Trying to get people trailers and back into their homes. I never saw anything like that. It was unbelievable. F. Teevan
A really intimate portrayal of this horrific event. I appreciate good journalists that bring the story as it happens and do their best to burn it into the heads of the general public. The photos with the audio are most appropriate. I really enjoy the first track. Thank you for what you do and continue on bravely. Best,
Your photos and audio were great. If only we can get the local and state politicians in a room to have them watch this and see how much work they have to do to make sure this never happens again. I am little upset that the media does not focus on probably what was the most devistated areas of Katrina, the Mississippi and Alabama Coast Line. Of course it is not a story, because these states pulled together, cleaned up and rebuilt, all without complaining. Why, becasue they were prepared for such disaster. Just as Florida, they are on the cutting edge of Disaster prepredness, so why was New Orleans not prepared. A log of the last Ten Years showing the Governors of Gulf states who attented Hurricane Prepredness conferences show that all or most of the Gulf states sent their Governors to these Seminars every year, while New Orleans and Louisiana officials only showe up twice, even after all the warnings and fears of the next big hurricane to hit New Orleans would be devistating, but I guess the Mayor and Governor of this state probably blame Bush for their lack of attendance because no Bus was available to take them, when all they had to do was look in the parking lot and they could have found hundreds just sitting there waiting to take them to the conference if need be. How N.O. can re-elect these people is beyond me. I guess the Mayor of N.O. really pulled a fast one on the people of this great city, and they were gullible enough to buy it.
I am from New Orleans and had a chance to enjoy Waveland, Mississippi before Katrina. Here is a little video montage I had made that I put on Youtube. http://youtube.com/watch?v=F2ovY-w7n-A Thanks for the essay. It was very well done and appreciated.
en pisco, al sur de perú, hubo un terremoto de 7.9 grados, la situación no es muy diferente a la que se vivió en new orleans. tengo algunas imágenes de lo que pasó en perú en agosto de este año: www.pbase.com/diegomiranda/pisco un gran trabajo el de larry towell, siempre con ese estilo tan evocador.


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