From the Shah to Khomeini

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From the Shah to Khomeini

The Iranian Revolution that began in 1978 was arguably one of the most important revolutions in history turning a largely secular monarchy into a radical Islamic republic. In this story Abbas gives us an unparalleled coverage of this revolution.
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Nice one Abbas.
دروود به شرف شما وسپاس از وقتی که گذاشتید تا به مردم ما تاریخ را دوباره با روایت تصویر بیان کنید و حقایقی که که محال انکار انها اسیر دست جلادان رژیم آریو ( احمد سراجی تبریز)
Iran is a brilliant and people want to live in peace and development and the economy appears strong Iran is a peaceful, the Shah's regime is bad, the Khomeini regime's bad, it must be the authority and the system of fair and peaceful and people interested in the first place .. thanks




Loved the music and the photos, It's maybe because the shah wasn't justice, this makes the people of Iran looking for alternative, and they start supporting the Khomeini even when he was living outside Iran. العاب
Now it's going the other way. I remember the revolution, as a (very) young American watching on TV. I understand now, and after having lived in the Gulf (definately my favorite place), that the Iranian Revolution was a revolution not so much FOR the Ayatollah, but more for the Ayatollah as a representation of an alternative to the US-backed Shah. And I also understand and agree with the general history that the Shah and his government was a government installed by the US to work contra to the democratically-elected Mossadegh (forgive the spelling). Dig it; no argument here. However, what floors me now and even what floored me then as a little girl of 10 was the women. The women fighting for the "right" to wear the abaya. To go from relative clothing freedom to the necessity of wearing the abaya. Picture after picture, I see the men just chilling, comfortable in their trousers, heads uncovered, except for those who CHOOSE to wear the turban. But the women... My thought process is live and let live. Now, then, and forever.
Perfect. Loved the music in midi file.
Korea. south
Dear Mr. Abbas, Your sould-moving phots would have impressed me deeply under any circumstances. But, having just finished reading "The Septembers of Shiraz" by Dalia Sofer (where I learned of you), the emotional impact was all the greater. Thank you for your beautiful, yet horrifying photos. To realize, once again, that we are all one people, is inspiring. May your blessings be many and great.... Sincerely, Tom Kelly
The Revolution began in 1979 not 1978
Comments hi thre is hot link
Tank you. There are a part of realiy but aren't all of really. Best regards


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