Invasion - Prague 1968

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Invasion - Prague 1968

Josef Koudelka
In August of 1968 the Warsaw Pact Armies invaded Czechoslovakia. It took over 5000 tanks and hundreds of thousands of soldiers to put down the rising democracy.
Урок географии: - коля, что ты можешь рассказать о Панамском канале? - Ничего,федя, у нас в телевизоре такого канала нет товарный бизнес есть
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To the embarrassment of the cuban people, the leadership ( still in power) supported this crime against humanity. Unfortunately there are still people who defend the Castro government as a "democratic" one. We apologize to all Czechs and thank you for your support. Cuba will be freed of these monarchs.
It is very sad that only forty-one years later, the muslim-leaning president of the United States of America has betrayed the people of the Czech Republic. I am a third generation American, born of decendents from the beautiful eastern portion of the Czech Republic. My wife and I have been to your beautiful country. We met, dined with and have fantastic memories of the Czech people. I am ashamed of the betrayal of the American president. He does not speak for me. We are the Valacs.
Great picture. It is good to remind what happened during Prague Spring. People have bad memory.
Fantasic set of photos.
I really liked the this essay was set up, the choice of music and photographs. I would really love to see more essays with Josef Koudelka as I find his photographs very interesting. /Mads
really impressive, the way the music is acting over the photos ... a great piece
From this series of images it shows the Human quality about people against the government. In the images it shows the emotions, reactions, and also reveals the human quality from the being until the end. Josef Koudelka is fully expressed the way of his feeling visually with an artistic point of view.
The picture is worth a thousand words. Memories of that August morning come flooding back and it is hard to believe that 40 years have gone by - somethimes it seems like yesterday when my parents packed a car and together with my sister and I made their way to freedom through a convoy of armed vehicles and soldiers with machine guns hiding in the woods . Very to the point at this time, when Russia is on the move again "liberating" yet another country. WARNING - if allowed Russia will repeat this over and over again. Dagmar
History repeats itself, now Georgia, russia is impearlist country and government.
We need to be reminded of events like this. Russian agression in Georgia is nothing new. We need to be reminded that as Russia invaded Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany and Poland, it may very well decide to do the same, first to Poland, in the near future. Will the west respond or will it be as it was in Summer 1968? We will see.
Great web-site. It is some of the modern hotels in Prague on the background of the picture ?
Powerful pictures, very strong message. I admire the courage of the photographer.
Simply great photos! To my humble opinion he is the last of a generation which is really missing from photography


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