Inner City Youth

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Inner City Youth

Simon Wheatley

London's public housing projects are some of the UK's poorest areas. Wheatley documents the daunting task of growing up in such dismal confines and explores the underground hip-hop scene.

superb work. i teach in lambeth - you've captured the odd nihilism/materialism/romanticised gangsterism that a lot of the kids are caught up in perfectly. i've seen a few very bright kids full of potential disappear to feltham recently. they remain blissfully unaware of the cultural imperialism at work. if you've never read Thomas Hobbes (some old political philiosopher) check it out - ihis 'state of man' stuff' explains the knife situation perfectly. get back to me when you come up with a solution to it all! good luck! :)
You are like a torch thats thrown into darkness,lighting every importaint piece of the community thats troubled.I really was inspired by your work and honestly wish you luck with everything you do in the future.
Mr. Wheatley, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that the US exerts a sense of cultural imperialism on these kids. I have worked with kids living in low socioeconomic status in Southern California, and many of the boys and girls follow suit into the "thug" lifestyle. Thank you for sharing this.
Wagwaan....i researched on you way back in november/december... im doin gsce photography and checkin your work out, man you are tha guy ima based ma work on trus. i love what you doin, not doin tha fancy fancy buh tha actual truth about our youth society around us. your safe man
This story is not finished yet...the generation go more hardcore then the other. Im 22 years and I am from Easter block (Bulgaria). I my country now have a wave of American ifluence under the people. I'm a skateboarder photographer and seen a lot of the some storys like in these essey. This is not fuckin cool
smell the chicken they eating, and the smoke they blazin. These portlaits are so dark yet so real. Enough respect for you challenging the project like this. Peace, and keep the good work.
i grew up in east harlem, in the underground scene here in new york, especiallly in the 80's and 90's when new york was going throught as i put it, it's dark ages od murdrs druds and unspeakable mayhem. growing up as a a young teen with (thank God who where there for me, i can understand the trouble of these youth. i never been to england, and my dream is to live there one day, or perhaps visit. thank you for giving me a vieve to the other side of the atlantic, its real. i would love to meet some of these young people and let them know there pain is has a heart beating for them.
Situation dramatique aux conséquences irréversibles, la compétition, la performance à l'école, la jet-set, les sportifs, les chanteurs et les acteurs... La vie de rêve comme Montana, mais le nez dans la coke, le nez dans la rue. Simon, le travail commence, garde la pêche... Il y a chez toi quelque chose de Lewis Hine. Je ne sais pas si tu considère ce photographe comme un élément incontournable de la photographie de ce siècle mais je trouve que le sujet, les cadrages (moins posés chez toi tout de même) et le style documentaire te convient bien. les jeunes sont durs et vivent dans un monde virtuel. Ils se regarderont dans la glace, en photo, dans 10 ans, 20 ans peut être... Avec ce goût sans sucre... Et toi Simon tu seras le témoin de ces années étranges... à bientôt je le souhaite... Ton ami, Sayf, Blois, 10,Feb.2007.
you have brought the pix's into life & the fact bout life which is not always sweet & pleasent like everyone dreamz of....hope it awares people & they tend to help & contribute to the society as well...coz i guess today people are very much carried away to get fame & wealth or to lead a luxurious life, once they achieve it they forget what part they came from & there are some who are ready to do anything to get dat fame & name so, the society is eventually suffering even if people are getting fairly rich or not coz there are very few who would want to think bout the others & their better life...keep up ur good work & all the very best with your work....
I truly appreciate the amount of dedication you put into this project. Your presentation is very real, very deep, very intimate, and at times (very satisfyingly) "grimey." I truly commend you on your years of dedication to foster this intimacy as it led to some extremely personal, beautifully composed photographs. I'm a new photographer and I tried to capture the experience of the homeless residents of Berkeley, California for a class project but failed in attaining the pictures I wanted; I found that the level of trust needed to give rise to merely the opportunity to capture them in their more vulnerable moments was far more than I could attain in an hour of even deep conversation. Your subjects are living very real lives influenced by romanticized concepts of thug/hip-hop lifestyles, yet... most of them are still kids. I really enjoy how you juxtapose the themes of deviance and innocence/vulnerabilty both within a shot and within the sequencing of your essay (my favorite application of these themes within a shot is of the two boys stealing the motorbike; and the lighting is stunningly cinematic). All the best to you in keeping up the inspirational work. Thank you.
That was the most engaging "In Motion" i've seen since the Bruce Gilden one on Conney Island and Ive watched all of them. Couldnt of been easy to gain their trust, but gain it you did and tell their story you did too. Im trying to make it with a camera and you have inspired me to keep going.. respect to da man like wheatley!
I enjoyed viewing your photos and would like to see you do a project over in America. I have a youth program that deals with these same kids but in Orlando Florida.


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