Gangster Types And Tough Guys

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Gangster Types And Tough Guys

Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden's black and white imagery is reminiscent of the film noir he used to watch on TV when he was a child. Ever since, he has had an attraction for tough looking characters, bad guys and their acolytes and the underworld where they operate.

I love Bruce Gilden's voice... Not because I think it's funny or anything, but he is as much of a character as the people he photographs.
great photo image, i like the ekspression,almost no one can reveal the gangster.
great post anyway
they are what they are.. what a perfect sentences to describe the gangsters word
like that great photos!
want to meet mr Gilden ........ great work sir
bruce gilden is a brooklyn/queens ganst-ah with a heart/camera
Stunning and shocking.
bruce is a gangster of photography.
hi Bruce , i love your enthusiasm.. and how you do it. you may like to check this movie, it shows the indian gangster culture. .... cheers
Awesome. I'm so glad I stumbled onto this. Great work!
I think I'd have a heart attack if Bruce pounced on me with his camera.. But hey, as the mobsters say: "Ya gotta do what ya gotta do"!
Hope they don't do what they do to Bruce Gilden's children.
A really great Essay with a distinct mood and - as usual - great photos.... Hope to see more soon. Greetings from Hamburg/Germany


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