The World From My Front Porch

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The World From My Front Porch

Larry Towell
"When I was an adolescent, my father once scolded me for wanting to drive to Florida with a friend. It was too far from home, and I would be corrupted by the distance. I was 16. He hated travel. The world was his front porch."
To me Larry Towell is the Human photographer, to me one of the best, maybe the best, and every image of his always startles and moves me. Hesitantly Aesthetically he is on the very top shelf. With the utmost respect, Barry Thomas
The voices sound levels are out of equalization; sometimes is too loud, sometimes too low. The pictures are amazing; it's sort of a biographical essays, and it's very funny. And congratulations to Larry for writting its music. Multiartistic man.
Hi, the movie is great. Can you tell me name of the song used in movie? This one "But the apple has gone wild". TKS!
larry is one of the best photojournalists working in the field. i simply admire his work discovering beautiful relationships between the people and the land, the context. keep working larry, you are kind of an inspiration for me. diego.


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