Faces of Joy

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Faces of Joy

Bruce Gilden

Washington D.C., January 20th, 2009

Change has come: the street has a voice too!

Great work. You catched the voices of the people from street.
Ugh. The first thing I did was hit mute. Webpages and automatically playing music themes are so 1999. Please don't, it distracts and undermines the photography which SHOULD stand on it's own. The first thing I want to do is throw my computer speakers through the window.
Bruce, this is fast, touching, transports emotion and honesty. Great work!
bruce you've done it again
What a great piece of work.Thanks.
these are so boring photographs. "You are the photographer of the people!" hahaha
Damn Bruce! WOW! Wonderful. You are running hot! MORE MORE MORE. You are the photographer of the people! The work keeps getting better and better! Great essay. Damn!
I think this is a really great example of where the addition of dialogue (sound) really adds another dimension to the photos. This wouldn't be nearly as powerful if it was just photographs of the people. Well done.
very good
I F'N love this! Thanks Bruce... super classic!!!


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