Escape From North Korea

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Escape From North Korea

Chien-Chi Chang

For those fleeing their brutal homeland, the 2,000 perilous miles across China are just the beginning. Then comes the challenge of making a new life.

Fabulous, it's so nice you keep on following these issues.
Kim's family(IL Sung - Joeng Il) has been cheating the North Korean nation for almost 6 decades. It is esential that they be judged by justice. S.Korea & N.Korea are still fighting against each other, it hasn't been over yet.
Amazing. Thanks so much for sharing this.
It is sad to see dictators like Kim Jong Il still messing up the world. He is no less than a mad man with nothing to lose. Hopefully, things will be better for Korea with his passing. --
North Korea is a jail!
I'm sure, the time of North Korea is over, soon. Hope, the son of Kim Jong Il will use his education for his nation.
Were the crosses on the DPRK or China side?
This is awesome, as a south korean, I feel the pain of defrectors. Hope they settle well and find their freedom
beautiful. To me, Chien Chis's literary equivalent is Ha Jin, or at least when I read him I see Chien Chi's pictures.
Excellent presentation of a fleeing refugee from North Korea. When I was in Seoul,Korea I got to know from local koreans about the repressive regime of North korea. There is a underlying fear among koreans and it is a pity that they have co-exist with such a hostile neighbouring country.
Some 50,000 North Korean escapees are thought to be hiding in China, many of them virtual prisoners of exploitative employers who can blow the whistle on them at any time if they protest. Many of them never make it to South Korea.
this is definitely amazing, escape from North Korea, give up everthing they have, risk their life to get the most important thing in life--freedom......
chien-chi, this is absolutely amazing visual is so much in asian tradition,so silent, so striking! gosh i really really hope this man will get on well in a big big world.was a bit hard for me to both read and watch,because the pictures are veery emotional and silent.colours are just a blast. the moment with blinking eyes send me shivers


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