Cuban Revolution

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Cuban Revolution

Burt Glinn & Magnum Photographers

In 1956, Fidel Castro and less than 24 rebels fled into the Sierra Maestra mountains and mounted a two-year-long insurgency against the Batista dictatorship, known as the 26th of  July Movement.

Hi, This is really a great stuff for sharing. Keep it up .Thanks for sharing.
nice essay, but the subtitles can slow down a little bit for real
I liked almost all this work. Very good Glinn pictures, good editing but I think, that some music, was chosen wrongly. Two songs are played by Chilean group Quilapayun, which became known around 70's during Allende's electoral campaign and after. Also the slogan "el pueblo unido jamás será vencido", appeared in Chile at the end of the 60's, 10 years after Cuban Revolution. I suggest to use Carlos Puebla's songs, who was an icon of pro Fidel Cuban songs. He is the author of the words of "Hasta Siempre", dedicated to Che Guevara.


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