Climate Change

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Climate Change

Magnum Photographers
Rich countries are already preparing public health to deal with future climate shocks. For poor countries it is much harder: they need international support to adapt. We are drifting into a world of adaptation apartheid.
Well, it is becoming a growing and ever increasing concern for all of us because of the act that the climate and the weather and all changes in spontaneous ways. The availability of water, temperature changes and rainfall and all will be affected pretty seriously because of tall is kesha?
you are on right point. but we can't help the poor countries as recession made very deep effect on major countries also
A very well-done video-essay full of wonderfully evocative images. Beautifully done.
Wonderfully narrated documentary! The photographs generate the expected appeal in any sensible mind. We really have one planet with one chance. There is no otherwise but take climate change as a serious slow poisoning effect for total humanity, and take steps to diminish the level of GHG emission worldwide.
Hello, I watched your short essay four times in a row to really let in soak in. I think it is powerful, moving and very creatively done. I am biking though Australia, New Zealand, and Tazmania to raise awareness about CO2 emissions. I will also be document my adventure for an outcome of a feature length film. Your essay has giving me some motivation in a different direction. I was not so focused on the poor countries. I really liked it and will show it to alot of people. Also I really liked the use of sound effects and the structure of the short. Keep uo the creativity. Scottie James


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