Chicago 1946 - 48

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Chicago 1946 - 48

Wayne Miller
We may differ in race, color, language, wealth, and politics. But look at what we all have in common. If I could photograph these universal truths, I thought that might help us understand. - Wayne Miller
Very very Beautiful. Great sound track. A historical shooting of Chicago. Miller got naked from the differences, and, thru these pictures, found equality. He's found spirit and struggle to face everyday's concern. Music and spirit.
Beautiful photographs, editing and sounds. Its narration is sensational, and the music suits de essay like no other.
That was very insightful. I have been looking for something like this. It is a miracle that I stumbeld upon it. I am writing a book and the second half of the book is based in Chicago during 1966 -1969. Is there anyway you could be contacted to gain a further insight into what life was like at that time. I really need the peoples perspective of black and white. The real nitty gritty stuff that you cannot get from tourism websites. The riot in 1968 would be extremey helpful too. would be immensely greatful if you could help at all. Please please could you help? Thank you. Ewere Efue
Those pictures were wonderful, I imagined my Grandmother and Grandfather who were young teenagers then. Our parents weren't even born then that was very interesting.


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